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Protection methods

Choice of proper protection method is es-sential for workers safety during work at height.

When due to some reasons (technical / economical / organizational) it is impossible to put permanent construction to secure fall from height threat one should take collec-tive protections measures like safety nets or balustrades. Solution which is widely use are scaffoldings, lifts and movable plat-forms - all of those assure safety and com-fortable work.

However if none of the above methods is possible to use, individual fall protection equipment should be used. The individual protection equipment can be used during work on different hazard surfaces, pillars, poles, masts, tower constructions and rope accesstechniques.

Basic functions which the individual fall protection equipment should fulfill:

1) work positioning and preventing the em-ployee from taking a position that a possibil-ity of fall exists, relevant to EN 358:2002 (Belts for work positioning and restraint work positioning);

2) in a case that a fall occurs - arresting the fall in the air and limiting the arrest force, enabling the victim of the fall for safe antic-ipation for rescue, relevant to EN 363:2005 (Personal fall protection equipment. Per-sonal fall protection systems).

Proper choice of methods of protection and appropriate fall protection equipment can be done only after proper training both of employees and management.

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