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Working at height

Work at height may expose workers to high risk due to a potential fall or other serious accidents. Accidents related to work at height constitute to a large part of all accidents during work - particularly fatal accidents.

Annually in Poland there are about 5000 accidents resulting from fall from the height, in which 150 people suffer death or serious injuries.

(source: Główny Urząd Statystyczny - dane 2005r.)

Polish and European labor law demand that employers to provide all proper fall protection equipment for all their employees who are working at height

If it is only possible, work should be orga-nized in a way that all employees are not exposed to fall from height. However, if threat of fall cannot be totally eliminated, the most proper protection method and necessary protection equipment should be chosen to secure the work. The rules say that the collective protection measures (balustrade, safety nets) should be used first. If using of collective protection measures is not proper one should use personal fall protection equipment. Proper selection of equipment should take into consideration the character of the work. Selection and usage of proper fall protection equipment should include specialist training and medical examination. What is more the employer is obliged to specific organization of work at height and to supervise the work and the safety rules during the work.

Personal fall protection equipment has to be periodically controlled by qualified personnel. The periodic control does not dis-charge the users from control of equipment before each use.

As a personal protection equipment (PPE), all fall protection devices have to fulfill the requirements of European norms (EN). All fall protection products should be properly marked with CE marking and number of corresponding European norm. - COVID 19